HO Scale Gallery

Our main HO layout is our premier layout. It also makes appearances on our travelling road show, but moving it can be quite a chore so a good deal of advance planning is required. 


O Gauge Gallery

We aren’t really allowed to say O “scale” because then all the purists will get in huff over the fact that most manufacturers play fast and loose with the definition of O scale. But they all run on the same gauge track. So O Gauge it is.

We have two O layouts at the club: a “postwar” track that uses standard 3-rail tubular track, and a newer layout made with Lionel FasTrack. The PostWar layout is modular and often makes appearances at outside events.

Fleck’s Circus Gallery

Fleck’s Circus is a custom designed S Scale layout that was donated to the club in ????. It consists of…

Denig’s Jewelers Gallery

This custom N-scale layout was commissioned by and created for Denig’s Jewelers back in 20??. The layout consists of…

Thomas & Friends

Our Thomas the Tank Engine layout is always a big hit. Not only because it’s recognized by kids everywhere, but we’ve created an interactive exhibit that allows the little ones to control the train throttle, whistle, and bells.

N Scale Gallery

No it isn’t “nano” scale… the N comes from the fact that there are 9 millimeters between the rails.

Z Scale Gallery

Last but certainly not least… well, actually it IS least. Z scale represents the smallest scale we operate.