“A user interface is like a joke. If you have to explain it, it’s not that good”

A Few Highlights of the New Site

  • Modern, more elegant design
  • Re-organized and enhanced content
  • An interactive map of the club location
  • Online membership application and dues payments
  • Revamped photo gallery

Interactive Map



Make Surfing Great Again

You may have noticed it on the way to this page: the COMRC website has had a complete makeover from top to bottom. The full list of changes would be too long to list here, so I highly recommend you take a few minutes to poke around the new site to see what’s out there. That being said, I wanted to point out a few of the highlights, and how they are intended to benefit the club (and maybe you too!).

All of the site content has been organized in a way that should seem more intuitive. This is reflected by the new menu bar located at the top of each page. Each page also includes consistent branding with the COMRC logo and club title prominently displayed. 

The hope is that the new site will be more effective at attracting new members, as well as organizations who would like to work with us, and maybe even some additional sponsors. The Services page calls out some of the main functions we perform beyond just playing with trains — even though playing with trains is awesome all by itself.

The Schedule and Events page — once completed — should become your one-stop-shop to figure out what is happening at upcoming meetings, and what other events are on the horizon. It should be fully updated by the end of July, hopefully sooner.

The Location page features an interactive map with the ability to get driving directions from Google. This should help curious folk out in the community find us more easily. A new page listing some of the benefits of membership, along with an online application process, could also help bring in some new blood.

The ability to pay dues online was added last year, and can now be found under the membership heading as well.

Ask not what your website can do for you…

So those are the highlights… so far. A few of the kinks are still being worked out; expect to see more changes coming.

What I really want to know is, what would YOU like to see on the new site? What features or changes do you think would be beneficial? As with everything we do around here, time and money are limited, but it never hurts to ask. Something you think might be too hard could turn out to be really easy, and help everyone out in the process. Email your ideas to me at webmaster@comrc.club, or just grab me and pull me aside the next time you see me at the club. Happy surfing!



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