The Central Ohio Model Railroad Club will be holding a fund raising event on Tuesday, 22 June 2021.

Come and order lunch or dinner at City BBQ, 600 South State St., Westerville, OH 40381, we’ll get 20% of the proceeds from every order we bring in!

Ordering in person? Show this form to the cashier at checkout (either a printout or just on your phone).

CityBBQ_Fundraiser A_Central Ohio Model Railroad Club

Ordering online? Use code FundA at checkout at hJps:// for pickup or delivery on Tuesday 22 June, 2021.

Ordering over the phone? Ask to apply code FundA when you provide your payment informaRon.

Want to increase your impact? Place a group order online: a bigger order for you means a bigger donation for us! Start a group order at, send the link around the office, and be a hero (to both us and your coworkers). Just remember to use code FundA at checkout!

Remember: all orders have to be picked up or delivered on 6/22/2021 from City Barbeque, 600 South State St., Westerville, OH 40381, for it to count toward our fundraiser.